Kolke Consulting Group, Inc. provides plan review services supporting growing building department needs. Our team members offer the following jurisdictional plan review services:

Building Code Review
Highly trained and experienced staff members provide plan review services for compliance with the International Building Code and International Residential Code along with local code amendments. Personnel are experienced in an array of occupancies including assembly, office, industrial, high hazard, institutional, retail, residential, multi-family, mixed-use, high-rise, storage, warehouse, tenant improvements, townhomes, and retrofits.

Energy Code Review
We specialize in the utilization of the Washington State Energy Code that incorporates the International Energy Conservation Code with Washington State Amendments. Reviews include envelope examination of plans and energy calculations for residential occupancies such as single-family structures as well as multi-family and commercial occupancies. Scope includes prescriptive approaches (R-value and U-value alternative), component performance, as well as justifying compliance using total building performance. Energy code reviews include lighting system controls.

Accessibility Code Review
Kolke Consulting Group, Inc. has a thorough background in accessibility reviews applying the scoping provisions of the International Building Code and the technical requirements in the American National Standard ICC A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities. Plans examiners are well versed in checking plans to make sure sites, facilities, buildings, and elements are accessible to and usable by people with physical disabilities.

Mechanical Code Review
Mechanical engineering consultants provide detailed reviews to the provisions of the International Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code, as well as the mechanical provisions of the Washington State Energy Code. Mechanical and fuel gas code reviews cover the design and installation of mechanical systems, fuel gas distribution piping systems, appliances, appliance venting, duct and ventilation systems, combustion air provisions, hydronic systems, solar systems, gaseous hydrogen systems, and motor vehicle gas fuel stations.

Plumbing Code Review
Mechanical engineering consultants provide technical review of plans for conformance with the provisions of the Uniform Plumbing Code. Plumbing code reviews cover the design, installation, and maintenance of plumbing systems and fixtures.

Structural Specialty Review
Structural engineers are on contract to review plans for complex structural systems for compliance with the International Building Code and the associated structural codes and standards. Extensive expertise in numerous types of structural systems is available including post-tensioned concrete, shoring, concrete and masonry shear wall systems, braced frames, moment frames, and other intricate structural systems.

Stormwater Management Review
Our team is staffed to perform stormwater reviews and inspections by a professional engineer versed in site development, transportation, and drainage within the Pacific Northwest. Stormwater regulations protect people, property, and the environment from damage caused by stormwater runoff.

Other Reviews
Because of our size and efficiency, we are able to team with professionals that have unique skills in order to serve our existing clients. For the jurisdiction needing an added service, we are able to directly negotiate contracts with subconsultants in order to manage a specific task under our current contracts. This prevents the jurisdiction from having to negotiate a new contract which is often time consuming and costly. For example, one of our clients needed a lot line adjustment which was not customary for a specific built-out area. We were able to secure a contract with a land surveyor to provide the needed service to our client to better serve that community efficiently, timely, and economically. We also teamed up with an electrical plan reviewer and inspector to meet some specific needs of another client, all within the scope of our current contract.



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