Plan Review
Kolke Consulting Group, Inc. provides plan review services supporting growing building department needs. Our team members offer the following jurisdictional plan review services:

Building Code Review

Energy Plan Review

Accessibility Code Review

Mechanical Code Review

Plumbing Code Review

Structural Specialty Review

Stormwater Management Review

Other Reviews

Building Department Administration
Staff includes contract employees and subconsultants to provide a team of experienced professionals to meet the needs of local jurisdictions. In addition to plan review services, Kolke Consulting Group, Inc. is able to provide contract building department administration services. We have been supplying management resources to our clients where staff is not already provided. We deliver building official services, code enforcement, code writing and code adoption assistance, technical resources, and building inspections to assist local building agencies. Our staff members are experienced in coordinating multiple departments and excel in customer service. Professionals are able to navigate resources and provide cost-effective and timely solutions for building departments lacking needed resources.

Code Consulting
Our office offers a unique background in design and plan review serving multiple jurisdictions expanding beyond the Pacific Northwest. Staff members provide comprehensive assessments of architectural designs to support architects seeking assistance in furnishing code summaries for their projects. Complete code analyses are provided that are understandable and educational. Detailed evaluations are provided to the architect along with graphic aids to clarify complex issues and to provide meaningful support when needed. We offer evaluations of existing buildings as well as support for new designs. We have extensive expertise providing code evaluations applicable to building, accessibility, and energy codes.

Electronic Reviews
Our office uses Bluebeam software as a PDF solution and markup tool to provide electronic plan reviews and facilitate the permit review process. Electronic reviews eliminate the need to ship drawings and calculations. We are able to provide plan markups to precisely identify areas of concern and effectively communicate that to designers. We use Bluebeam studio for cloud-based collaboration and efficiency. Approved plans are electronically stamped and returned to the building department for permit issuance.

Building Inspections
To serve the needs of our clients, we furnish contract employees to provide residential and commercial building, mechanical, plumbing, and stormwater inspections. To meet the needs of a specific client, we provide some electrical plan review and inspections. Our inspectors are experienced in many building types of structures and come with a background in the construction industry in addition to their jurisdictional experience.

Code Writing
Having a history with using local code amendments provides the foundation of expertise needed to write new code amendments. Our firm has experience using codes from a variety of jurisdictions. Actually using the code is the key to writing effective code. We offer assistance to local jurisdictions needing to write code-adoption ordinances or other ordinances related to building and construction activities.

Alternate Means and Methods
Sometimes designs are complex and they require innovative applications of building code requirements. Our office has the experience and history in understanding code equivalency and how to apply performance-based design criteria to real-life applications. Staff members are available to assist building departments in evaluating potential Alternate Means and Methods submittals or to assist building owners, developers, architects, or engineers in presenting appropriate documentation for submissions to building departments for review.

Permit Facilitation
With a background working with different building departments, it is accurate to say that we understand how to pull a building permit. Unique to our firm, we provide an overview of submittal documents to prepare for submission and abate potential correction items. We have experience submitting paper documents as well as electronic submittals to local jurisdictions. Our project management experience and understanding of the permit process helps us expedite the procedures for our clients and provide quick responses and consequently swift turnaround times


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